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Some Excellent Sources of Free Information

on Internet Marketing

How to Make 100% Commissions ... Immediately!

Your local public library is an amazingly good source of free information about internet marketing. You don't have to spend a lot of money in order to bring yourself up to speed as to what's required to be successful and make money now online.

For example, there is an excellent book by Tracy Repchuk called ... "31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles — A Direct Path to Internet Profits."

On the cover, Tracy asks you a question:

"If your life could be different in 31 days, would you try?"

Inside, she covers such topics as ...

• The #1 mistake most new internet seekers make

• Secrets about the 4 websites you must have and why

• Market Funnel marketing for big-bucks profits

• The Millionaire Mindset you need to succeed

• Deadly website combinations that skyrocket your sales

• Super Affiliate secrets, Joint Venture Basics,
Monetizing your Blog, Adsense, Adwords, How to Create
a Traffic Hurricane, Landing Page Results, and more ...

It is both a "blueprint" for success and an "overview" of the entire internet marketing industry, in that she mentions a good many critical concepts which you might not hear talked about in other sources.

Another *awesome* resource for learning how to make money now online is Ed Dale's “30-Day Challenge” that happens "live" every year in August, and there are audios and videos of the lessons, plus forums and groups, so you can actually take it any time of year you want, and go at your own pace into the bargain.

And it *is* a bargain. It's free!

What's more, its focus is to get you earning your first profits before the month is out.

A third incredible resource that specializes in how to make money now online is the WarriorForum. I will tell you a $17,000 success story that materialized there right in front of all the members.

A couple of years ago, a 17-year-old boy came to me and asked for a recommendation as to which internet-marketing course to buy. He had very little money to spend, and he wasn't sure which one would be the best pick.

Since I wasn't sure that *any* course would be good for him in his situation, I asked him a few questions.

Well, it turned out that he loved to play the WorldofWarcraft game, and that he had written these "guides" that all his buddies at school thought were cool.

Note: A "guide," for those of you who don't know (which I didn't at the time), is basically a cheat sheet.

And cheat sheets (I found out later) are hot!

And he had written several of them!


He already had a product that a market of WorldofWarcraft game players wanted to buy, and that he wanted to sell.

The only thing missing was the "mechanics" of enabling them to purchase it.

Now, I could have recommended an internet-marketing course to him, but I chose instead to send him to the WarriorForum.

I encouraged him to put up a post which said something like, "I'm 17 years old and in high school and I want to try to earn the money for college by selling my WorldofWarcraft guides on the internet. What is my next step?"

I told him that I was sure at least one marketer would respond, and probably several. And they did.

I told him to go do what they told him to do. And he did.

Then I told him to go put up another post which basically said, "Okay, I did that. Now, what is my next step?"

I told him to go do that step, too, and to "rinse and repeat" that process until he reached his goal.

The next time I heard from him, he called to say that he had done what I told him to do ... that he had made $17,000 so far ... that he was going to be able to go to college after all ... that he had found two marketers there who were generous enough to "mentor" him and ... oh, yes! thank you very much!"

And I said, "Well, I guess now you can afford to go buy any internet-marketing course you want!"

As inspiring an example as this is (and a tribute to the great folks on the WarriorForum), it is also illustrative of something else I feel is very important to keep firmly in mind as you go forward toward success with internet marketing, and that's the basic truth that there is *always* -- ALWAYS -- a "story behind the story."

Even *this* story, which tells *his* story, doesn't tell *all* his story.

It doesn't tell, for instance, how he came to learn how to play WorldofWarcraft, or how he got inspired to write "guides" (cheat sheets) for it, or how all his buddies at school came to be interested in them.

So if all you look at is the end result -- the $17,000 (and probably lots more than that by now) he earned by selling his guides on the internet, you're not going to see all the stuff that went in front of it ... all the stuff that happened *before* the $17,000 happened.

*This* story picks up *after* this 17-year-old boy ...

(a) talked his parents into buying him this game, and

(b) spent hours and hours learning how to play it, and

(c) thought it would be cool to beat it, and

(d) succeeded in beating it by cheating it, and

(e) showed off his cheat sheets to his buddies, and

(f) basked in the aura of their approval, and

(g) decided to make money selling them, and

(h) the rest of the story you already know.

But you have to begin somewhere, right?


President Teddy Roosevelt said:

"Start where you stand with the tools that you have;
better tools will be found as you go along."

and ...

"If they ask you if you can do a thing, tell them,
'Certainly I can!' and then get busy and find out
how to do it!"

When you were little, you figured out how to ride a bicycle. It wasn't easy ... you took some tumbles ... it felt strange and weird at first, trying to balance on that thing ... but eventually ... it happened !!!

You were flying in the breeze with the greatest of ease!

Well, this thing they call "internet marketing" has a lot in common with bicycle riding.

You try things ...

You lean a little to the left ... ooops! too far!

You pedal like the devil ... eeek! stop!

And then one day you win a race like Lance Armstrong and they give you a gold medal ...

and everybody asks you how you did it !!!

Tony Robbins says ...

"I believe there is no such thing as a lazy person.
There are only people with uninspiring goals."

And Tommy Hopkins tells this story ...

It's about a reporter who was sent to interview this really rich guy … like, you know, a bazillionaire or something.

Before her appointment with him, she thought she'd better bone up on his past history. And when she did, she found this strange story about a man with his same name, in his same town, who was a bum who slept on park benches.

So, being a reporter, at some point during the interview, she brought this up. She mentioned this guy with his same name, in his same town, who slept on park benches.

And he said, "That guy was me."

She was stunned ... "You? What happened?"

And he said,

"I always knew I was going to do something like this
someday. I was just waiting til I was ready to start."

If you're ready to start, then you need a product to take to market ... something to sell, in other words.

And if you want to make money "fast" like *today* and not weeks or months down the road after you've finished doing all the things that the 17-year-old boy above had to do in order to bring his product to market, you need a product that you own the rights to, that comes complete with a marketing package, including but not limited to a great sales letter, so that you can start making sales immediately, and so that every dollar of each sale goes right straight into your PayPal account, right now ... no waiting weeks or months for affiliate-marketing or
multi-level-marketing paychecks.

And it would be best if you have a free ebook to go with your product that tells all about it and the problem it will help people solve, because that's the kind of information people are looking for, so if you can give it to them, then you're just that much ahead of the game, because then they will be more likely to trust you and maybe even click on the link in your free ebook to go buy your product, especially if it's not terribly expensive, like maybe $10 or something.

And hey! A hundred $10 sales is $1,000 !!!

In the words of internet newbie Christy Blackburn ...

“The package is only $10, but the book is free
and it is well worth your time just to read through it. I chose to work with the link first, since it was the easiest and I did not have to have any technical skills to implement it. What you do is pretty much sell the link to others. When someone else buys the link, then they promote it and make money themselves.

“There are, of course, thousands of ways to promote this link, but I chose offline advertising. What I did was place a classified ad in the local newspaper that said: If You Are Interested In A No Hype Way Make Extra Cash From Your Home Call Me At 123-456-7890. Did I expect a few calls? Sure. What I actually got was 12 calls the first day, 34 calls the second day, 9 the third day (Sunday), 27 the fourth day, 31 the fifth day, 45 the sixth day and 25 the last day. It was a grand total of 183 calls, my husband was furious because the phone was constantly ringing.

“When I got a call, I briefly explained what it was and then told them about the link. I then gave them an address to a blog that I had set up which included a link they could follow to download the free book and receive the same offer I did.

“The response was awesome. I had a few that were not interested, so I thanked them for calling and that was that. At this time, this was the only way I promoted the link. From the first day the ad ran until 3 days after the last day, I received a total of $1240.00 in my PayPal account.

“I have since changed the strategy just a bit for my husband’s sake. With the money I made, I rented a conference room at a local motel. I then ran the same ad but over a three day span. I announced a meeting at a certain time and place.

“At the first conference, we had 84 people present. I now do the conferences in my town once a month and the surrounding areas as well. I was able to employ my sister to help me and now it is a family thing.

“I was able to quit my full-time job about a month ago and have never been happier. Yes, it takes a lot of work setting up the conferences and speaking, but it has been well worth every minute of it.

This just goes to show, there really is money to be made out there if you know what to do and how to go about it!

“Hope this gives you some insight." —Christy Blackburn

Now, I have checked out this free ebook and $10 product myself and find it to be everything she says it is, and more. It is actually an awesome education in the fundamental principles of internet marketing, and it comes with all the tools you need to implement them, plus all the support you could ever possibly want, which for a product that you get a 100% commission for selling, is really rather amazing.

Plus, you get many *other* products in the package, too!

*And* you get a free membership for one year to a site where there's even more resale-rights products to choose from, and every single one of them means 100% profits for you!

This package was developed and is supported by Harvey Segal, who has been on the internet since like forever, and who really knows his stuff. One of the things you get for your $10 is access to him and his forum and answers to all your questions. He's there to help you. You won't be alone as you go through the process of learning how to make money now online.

What I salute Harvey for, especially, is removing so many of the barriers to entry that so often stop people new to internet marketing dead in their tracks. He offers you a complete marketing *system* and, if you follow it step by step, you *will* make money now online.


Just as soon as you're ready to start.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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